HIV-Symptoms And Safety Measures

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HIV-Symptoms And Safety Measures

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:33 pm

Symptoms Of Aids
AIDS can be an extremely deceptive disease.Many infected people experience no symptoms at all, till the disease has reached a very advanced stage.When people do experience symptoms, some of the more common ones are stomachaches, headaches, fever and rashes over the skin.

A major problem is that the HIV can remain undetected in a persons body for long periods of time.So, during these periods, any form of testing for HIV will not throw up any conclusive results.

It is only when the immune system starts manufacturing antibodies to combat the HIV infection that an infected person will test positive for AIDS.Therefore, it is not the HIV that the test detects, but the antibodies that the body’s immune system secretes, in response to this attack on it.

Do’s And Don’ts In The Context Of The AIDS Epidemic:

A- Drug Use

1- If you are a substance user, never share a needle or syringe with another person, however well known to you.It has been proved that the HIV can very easily survive in a syringe that has been infected by someone, for a period of one month.

2- Rather than trying to sterilise a used syringe, it is much more advisable to utilise a fresh syringe each time, as you may or may not be able to disinfect and HIV-infected syringe successfully.

B- Safe Sex

1- It would be unfair, and asking for too much, to expect someone to abstain from sex completely.However as far as possible, stick to one partner, whom you know, is not HIV-Positive, through a proper medical checkup.

2- Always use a condom.If the female partner uses a diaphragm. or some other barrier to sexual fluids, then that is added protection(in addition to male condom).

3- Remember that homosexual couples are a high risk group.As far as possible avoid such relationships.Even in the case of heterosexual couples, avoid anal or rectal intercourse.

4- If you choose to use a lubricant, use a water-based one, since this will lower the chances of a condom or diaphragm breaking.

5- If you indulge in oral sex, always use some form of protective barrier, such as condom, or whatever is appropriate in the given circumstances.

C- Using A Condom Effectively

1- Always use a condom which is fairly rugged, so as to minimise the risk of breaking during intercourse.In this regard, latex rubber condoms are preferable to others.Also, a condom that is already lubricated, is a great advantage.

2- As far as possible, use a condom that sells with spermicide, as a lot of spermicides, in addition to killing sperms also kills viruses.

3- Never use an old condom, especially if the expiry date has already passed.There are greater chances of an old, worn-out condom tearing, than in the case of a new one.

4- Always use a new condom each time you have sex.A condom, once it is used, undergoes a certain degree of wear and tear, it is not to be reused.

5- Open the package containing the condom very carefully, so that it does not tear in the process.

6- Never attemp to wear a condom over a flaccid penis.It just wont work.Wait till you get a proper erection.

7- Never wear a condom just before you enter your partner.You would have already reached a certain level of sexual excitement, and if you ejaculate prematurely, your sperm just might enter your partner’s vaginal canal, if your genitals are in very close proximity of hers.

8- If you are not circumcised always roll back your foreskin before putting the condom on.

9- Remember to remove your penis from your partner’s vaginal canal while it is still erect.If you wait till it becomes flaccid, your ejaculate(semen) will spill out.

Also during intercourse if you feel that the condom is going to slip off, then hold it at the base(where your penis meets your testicles) to guard against this danger.


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