Dua-e Itijah and sms

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Dua-e Itijah and sms  Empty Dua-e Itijah and sms

Post by Saphhire on Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:11 pm

Its very interesting that I have had virtually no money to fill my cell phone with money since an year, yet anonymous messages like 7171 Akele Hoon meinl Tanha Tanha , and Mr Loneley fill my inbox at specific noon hours of the whole week. I mean sure its because Im a female and im certainly not a kid BUT there you go I dont have to introduce myself .my cell does it for me .

Frankly I trust in Quranic smses . What could be greater than Allah Subhanahu defining your next move.let me share. During the rains recently , lightning struck our house but we were saved somewhow.Now I absolutely love readibg specific verses from the Quran as I can have a passion for both living and dying( whenever it maybe)

All thats left to say that Ramadhan is a few days away and I am eager to write on the various aspects of our beautiful religion and its branches. MAY ALLAH ACCEPT MY DUA-E ILTIJAH FOR PAKISTAN THIS RAMADHAN AND MAY IT BE PEACFUL. AND CALM FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US., ameen.



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