Almond's Juice (badaam ka sharbat)

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Almond's Juice (badaam ka sharbat)

Post by Asma Ali on Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:28 pm

badaam ka sharbat bananay ka tarika

Almond half kg
Cardamons 12 nos
Sugar one and half kg
Water 1 liter


Soak almonds in water for one day, peel them off and crushed or grind them.

Add water in it and again grind almonds.

Repeat this procedure 4 times to grind all the almonds completely.

Add grinded almonds and sugar into water and cook this paste.

When it becomes viscous add cardamoms in it and let it cook till it becomes more viscous.

This sharbat is very viscous.

Now take it out from the stove, when it becomes cool fill into any jar.

Drink this sharbat by adding two spoon of this paste into a glass of water or milk. It is very delicious and beneficial for brain and heart. Chef Saddat

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