Breast Milk Advantages

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Breast Milk Advantages

Post by Admin on Fri May 28, 2010 10:35 pm

1-Breast Milk is a bond of mom and child. Digestive system in a newborn baby is so delicate that it can only digest breast milk easily.Hence, every baby has a right over mother’s milk for the first six to seven months of his life. In the beginning, cow or buffalo’s milk can put unnecessary stress on the baby’s digestive system though gradually, baby develops the ability to digest them too.

2-Judging by the course of nature, the pregnancy period of nine months, the pain during the delivery, the draining of blood during and after the delivery, together put much stress on mom’s body while nursing is much easier for a mom.

3-Not only do breasts produce milk but also they also efficiently drip to satisfy baby’s hunger. If this milk does not drip properly or is not fed on by the bay, it pains a lot until the milk is pumped out and may even result in excessive hurtful experience and disease.

4-In mother’s milk, all the nutrients are present in balanced form, appropriate for baby’s diet.
With the advancing age of the child, the baby needs more nutrition and more nutrients that the baby can get only from the mother’s milk and not from the cattle’s milk or infant formulas. Many moms are not capable of producing the milk and hence, are helpless but there are many others who risk baby’s health for their vanity and deprive their children of one of the most precious gifts of Nature. Moms who do not nurse their babies are at higher risk for breast cancers and other breast-related diseases.

5- If milk production gets stopped naturally, then it is a different thing but if breasts produce milk and is not fed to the baby, then it creates a problem for the moms. Thus, one should not hesitate to feed the baby for first six to seven months to ensure better health for the mom and baby alike.


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